Thursday, January 13, 2011


Approach #7

So I'm sitting on the train yesterday and I see a ladies who is a potential target. There is a seat avaliable right next to me on the train and I start my game

Me:Excuse me miss
Her: yes?
Me: It looks like those long legs of yours must be tired
Her: umm not really
Me: Why don't you have a seat next to a real gentlemen
Her: Well let me know when one become avaliable because it sure as hell ain't you.

so I just brush that one off but after she gets off the train i realize i havent gotten action in a couple of days now so i decide that its time for me to make the magic happen.

So as im transfering to the other subway I look for anything female. As I walk by I grab as much booty as I can and push my pointy elbows into as many titties as I can. Girls look but no one says nothing bc im the big nasty. Unfortunately this ain't enough for the ** so I gotta get some more.

So again as I transfer there is a seat avaliable to the left of me. I see this 50 year old woman who longs like a younger version of one of the golden girls. This woman has the most amazing buttocks I have ever seen and I just had to feel it. I couldn't wait to palm it like a basketball. So i begin my conversation

Me: Hey lady
Her: hi
Me: I saw your standing and there is a seat avaliable right next to me. I must be a gentleman and insist you sit there.
Her: uh im okay
Me: no i insist
Her: ahh if you insist

So i know that I should try to talk her up but im horny as hell so i decide im gonna go for the kill.

So right as she is about to sit down I cup my hand and put it on the seat. She luckily sits right onto my big black hands. I grab that **** hard as hell and I immediately pop a stiffy.


I have to admit i was kinda embarassed that she screamed and i ran into another subway car with my huge boner and got off at the next stop. At least I got to feel her bubblicious hiney.

more updates later ladies and gents.