Thursday, January 20, 2011


since my pussy ratio has been going down alittle bit lately i decided that i should step up my game some. my first step was to get new trendy hair cut. so i go to this female salon, because quite frankly my bros i kinda get like half a woody when they wash and massage my head.

i walk in and there is a good mix of pussy nice petite asian ho doing her thing with nails, almost went over there but that **** would be gay. so i just go up to the front desk tell um i want a wash and cut. i sit down and wait a few minutes and this fine italian broad comes over and said she is gonna wash my hair. im getting my hair washed and she has surprisingly strong hands, and i know she'd be good at pulling my porch, so i begin my approach.

Me: So how long have you been working here?
Her: I just started a couple of weeks ago part time while im going to school.
Me: true, what are you going to school for?
Her: im going to school for accounting.
Me: good for you its a good field.
Her: what do you do?
Me: im actually im an investment banker over at goldman sachs. (sometimes you gotta just lie to get some poon)

She seems very impressed and smiles. She walks into the back and I walk over towards the haircutting chair. She starts cutting my hair and I develop a major stiffy. She then gets a phone call and tells me someone is going to take over for her. SO AT THIS POINT IM A LITTLE PISSED.

Finally some fruitcake named juan starts cutting my hair and I look down and seee I've got a raging boner on. I try to pat it down but it ain't going no where

There is an akward silence between me and the male gay barber until he leans over and whispers something in my ear

Him: is that for me? (looking at my boner)

I lost it and I immediately slug that cum guzziling baffoon. I proceed to break the container with the barbosol in it and break the seat off the hinges and I walked out.

Not the best day


  1. Free haircut? Not a total loss.

  2. Hahaha cum guzzlzing baffoon...classic

  3. LOL man that must have been one of the most awkward moments ever hahaha

  4. very entertaining blog brah. i am following and looking forward to future updates.

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  5. agree with the woody while hair gettin washed... i hear ya

  6. I agree, best blog in the interwebs

  7. haha! Very entertaining blog. Followed and supporting :)

  8. hahaha man you are fucken awesome!

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  10. Pussy ratio, one of those important diagnostic statistics

  11. oh man you are a champion! I love your blog you make me LOL.

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  12. they say 13 is an unlucky number, after all

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