Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Approach # 3

I was in the library trying to study for the bar exam when i see this nerdy looking girl. She was about 4ft 11, 100 lbs. She had thick brimmed glasses and was wearing some weird ass outfit.

So im thinking... Im hungry for some puss. So i walk over to her and I see her studying some math.

Me: Excuse me miss
Her: Uh hi
Me: I see you are doing math but can i borrow your calculator for a second
Her: Uh yeah sure i just need it back soon
Me: Thanks (i walk away for a minute and come back)
Thanks again,
Her: Happy I could help you out
Me: Do you think you could check it over for me though, you look like a very studious type
Her: Sure whats the equation
Me: YOU + ME =US
Her: She looks up in horror, and takes her books and starts to walk away

I follow her, she starts walking faster. Hey sweetheart where you going? She leaves the library and I shout "GET BACK HERE NOW"

well she didn't, but she left her calculator...so its a win for me

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