Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Approach #2

Approach 2-

I was picking up some chinese at this chinese food restraunt. I see this lady that smelled like greasy food, and had a couple of long hairs on her chin but she could take my pole

Her: That be 8.75
Me: Oh really, thats very cheap
Her: yes sir
Me: Sorry, I only carry around Benjamins (I hand her a 100 dollar bill)
Her: It okay
Me: So when do you get off tonite
Her: When we close
Me: Why don't you and me grab some grub
Her: Uhh i am busy, sorry

I proceeded to knock down the gumball machine, which ended up breaking. I then ran like hell out the door and was chased by 2 little asian men. My 270 lb bounced up and down until I reached my car and drove away....

i got them good