Tuesday, January 18, 2011


approach 12-

So this past weekend i was bar hopping. I was kind of stalking these 5 ladies and seeing where they were going to see if i could get my big old cawk wet. So as im sitting on the subway i see this woman who was a big black woman probably 40ish with red dyed hair and fat. She was also drooling a little bit as she was sleeping. So im thinking in my head

Hmm should i grab her tits and get off at the next stop? nahhh i decided against it as i didn't want to miss out on these 5 chicas.

I follow these girls to this club/bar and we are waiting on the line and I'm scoping out all the pieces of a**. The girls are let in and right as im about to be let in the bouncer stops me. So he won't let me in so what do I do? I bum rush him and my belly hit his as I run full speed at him and run inside the packed club.

So I don't see those girls I was following so I begin to work my own magic.

I find this nice thick black chick. I walk over to her and start grinding up against her bum with my penor which was hard as a rock. It must have felt like a metal rod was riding up against her bum. So shes digging it so out of nowhere she sticks her hands down my pants BEHIND THE MOTHA F*CKIN BOXERS and plays with my wang. Im getting into this sh*t and I start to use my "MAGIC FINGERS" on her. So out of nowhere she takes her hands out of my pants and turns around

Her: I'm not that type of girl *She has some horrified look on her face after she sees who she was dancing with*
Me: Don't give me that sh*t your hand was all up on my wang
She starts to walk away so I lose it and pull down her tube top and everyone sees her boobs. THATS 1 POINT FOR ME, HAND JOB AND BOOBIES

So after that exciting activity I see these two girls dancing together and I try to dance with the hot one. So the ugly one sees me and tries to pull the other girl away so what do I do?

I GRAB THE UGLY FAT ONE BY THE ARM AND FLING HER ACROSS THE ROOM. I HATE WHEN B*TCHES DO THAT SH*T. I get up real close behind her and moving my groin against her butt cheeks.

Me: Sorry bout your friend, she tripped
Her: It looked like you threw her to me
Me: Nah, im a big teddy bear
Her: well im sorry im not interested
Me: Don't be scared my pet, i won't rape you * I begin thinking in my head* <unless this b*tch fights>
Her: Wow you are a creepster, she proceeds to run away

well i was 0/2 that night...whatever