Thursday, January 13, 2011


Approach 6

Yesterday after a hard day of work I went to fresh meadows park. I see this fine latina biznatch walking with a stroller so I start thinking in my head "im good with children this should be an easy lay"

So i walk up to the broad and her son (probably around 4 years old) and I start the conversation:

Me: Hey excuse me miss
Her: yes?
Me: you daughter is beautiful
Her: umm...thats my son
Me: yeah thats what i meant
Her: oh haha its okay...his hair is a bit long hah
Me: I love children, i see he takes after his mother in beauty.
Her: Aww..thats sweet
Me: do you have any other children?
Her: nope, i want more children but I haven't found the right guy yet.

so I go in for the kill, and figure its time to say something sweet to land this beautiful broad..
so I look down at this little baby boy and i say:

Me: hey you, how would you like a baby brother in 9 months?
Her: excuse me? you are disgusting. get away from me
Me: Oh come on now, you want this d*ck
Her: I wouldn't sleep with your disgusting 300 lb body if you were the last man on earth. I was trying to be nice
Me: Oh well go find yourself another baby daddy. It ain't my fault you can't keep those skanky legs closed...lata b*tch