Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So saturday morning im trying to get some sleep after a long friday night of drunken pussy scavenger hunts, and hear this loud as noise outside my building. I go out side an i see some bastard with a jack hammer, and im like aint that a b.......... until i see one of his co-workers. so black construction worker bitch with nice thick thunder tighs. so i decide if this bitch has a dirty job, she is def down for gettin dirty. I decide i cant get any sleep i might as well try and get my d wet, so wait till she breaks for lunch and walks over to the truck.

Me: man dont you hate working on weekends?
Her: Yeah especially on hot days like this. ( i can kinda tell shes had a little bit of booze)
Me: I know what your saying I use to work outside till i hurt my back.
Her: Thats awful so what do you do now?
Me: Well right now im in the process of taking my bar exam, and on the side i do some security work.
Her: thats cool.
Me: yeah so how long do you have for lunch?
Her: i have like another 45 minutes.
Me: I live in the building why don't you come inside and we can eat in the AC.
Her: sound good to me.

we get inside and im like ohh yeah my favorite type of pussy sweaty pussy, its like natural lubricant. so we get inside and we start more small talk names and all that bull. and i decide wow ive already wasted like 20 minutes on this hoe, its time for some trickery. so i go in the bathroom. and like after 5 minutes i scream out ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and i lie on the ground. bitch comes in all frantic
Her: johnny whats wrong?!?!?!

i dont answer and she like taps my face and i grab her hand i was like trick ya. and she was like
Her: freaking jerk
Me: speaking of jerk my dick is kinda lonely and you have like 15 minutes left on your break.
Her: jerk there nothing in it for me then.

So she didn't scream and run away so i figure im good to go. The only problem is this b*tch smelled like b.o. So i had an idea

Me: How about you and I take a shower together, It will help you cool down
Her: Sure, sounds good sexy

So we hop in the shower im washing her body and feeling her up and she's washing me, rubbing up on my cawk with the bar of soap. Then out of nowhere I get this burning sensation in my cawk hole!!!!!

So I scream ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Her: Whats wrong
Me: you got soap in my hole!!!!
Her: I'm so sorry
Me: I'm sorry too, get out you stinky ho

So I pushed her out of my shower and ran her out of my house half naked in my halfway. it burnt like hell


  1. I hate it when that happens lol

  2. Hahaha, always be weary of the soap...gets me almost everytime still though lol

    Hit me back :)

  3. hahaaaaa
    A more civilized post by BIGNASTY?!? impossible!

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  4. lmao I haven't laughed this hard in a while

  5. LOL I can't believe you made her ran out of your house half naked!

  6. could see this happening (srs)

  7. Me: I'm sorry too, get out you stinky ho

    Man I actually laughed out loud at that one. Love the ending mate keep doing what ur doing.


  8. that's why I wear a condom when I shower, 2 if it's a bubble bath.